Success Starts with the Right Analytics

The process of collecting and analyzing data can overshadow the main goal in education – powering student success. With the right capabilities, your mission is the focal point, not analytics.

Share Insights

The best analyses and insights are meaningless unless they are shared with and understood by the people who can act upon the insights. Through educational intelligence, a student can change his study habits. An advisor can focus on students at risk. Curriculum designers can adjust content and tools to meet student needs. Administrators can evaluate how to apply resources to achieve critical goals.

Drive Action

Intellify provides capabilities to present data and analyses that meet different stakeholders’ needs throughout the student journey.

  • Accommodate a range of know-how for data exploration and analysis

  • Create dashboards and visualizations that communicate to various end-users (e.g., Instructor, Student, Administrator, Analyst)

  • Embed informative and visual analytics into day-to-day applications

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