Intellify Essentials

Start with a Strong Analytics Foundation

Focus on Educational Priorities

Nearly ⅔ of educators consider tracking, analyzing and predicting student performance a high priority.

However, initiating and maintaining the end-to-end analytics process is an ongoing issue. Concerns include data silos and access to actionable data.

What if there was a manageable and scalable analytics solution that addresses current concerns and grows with your organization’s need for educational intelligence?

Introducing Intellify Essentials

Intellify Learning provides an affordable and flexible solution to grow and leverage analytics. With Intellify Essentials, educators benefit from critical analytics capabilities:

  • Connect

    Connect to mission-critical data sources

  • Collect

    Collect and organize real-time data

  • View

    View and explore data for timely insights on students

  • Share

    Share insights that are visually easy to understand and apply

Foundation for Educational Intelligence

Intellify Essentials provides the foundation to create educational intelligence for your mission. As your analytics needs grow, Intellify offers additional capabilities such as more data connections, advanced data management, algorithmic modeling and more.

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