Success Starts with the Right Analytics

The process of collecting and analyzing data can overshadow the main goal in education – powering student success. With the right capabilities, your mission is the focal point, not analytics.

Eliminate Silos

Educational data comes in an exciting array of varieties, especially in today’s digital learning environment. Digital tools can improve critical parts of the student lifecycle and make learning more engaging. But all these tools collect and store data in their own silos, making it very difficult to gain the holistic insights you need.

Manage Data With Ease

Intellify Learning tackles one of the biggest data analytics hurdles by:

  • Collecting data in real-time from across critical education platforms (e.g., LMS, SIS, CRM)

  • Embedding simple programs called “sensors” to collect live learning data

  • Applying common data standards such as IMS Caliper to streamline learning data

  • Securely storing raw and processed data in the cloud

Intellify establishes the consistency and context for data that is foundational for educational intelligence.

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