Intellify Learning Offers Capabilities to Jump-Start Educational Intelligence

New analytics solution empowers educators to create insights

Boston, March 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Intellify Learning, an educational analytics provider, announced a new solution to tackle a persistent challenge – data collection and management. The company introduced Intellify Essentials, a solution to help educators overcome a common roadblock to generating educational intelligence with greater ease.

Intellify Essentials enables educators to build a strong analytics foundation for accessing, exploring, and using real-time data. The solution brings data together from various sources such as the LMS, SIS, and learning applications, to create a holistic perspective on performance and outcomes.

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“Universities and colleges spend a lot of resources and time collecting and managing data, which leaves little room for deriving and applying insights. We are excited to offer Intellify Essentials, a simple yet powerful solution to unlock data,” said Gautam Parasnis, CEO of Intellify Learning. “With Intellify Essentials, educators will have the autonomy to generate educational intelligence that is game-changing for students and programs.”

Intellify Essentials is ideal for instructors, departments, and institutions seeking to embed analytics into their day-to-day work. Freed from data silos, educators finally have on-demand access to data that is vital for student retention, curriculum efficacy, and instruction. By jump-starting their educational intelligence journey with Intellify Essentials, educators can create new opportunities.

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About Intellify Learning

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Intellify Learning transforms data into insights and action that empower education. The company provides a range of secure, cloud-based solutions to aggregate, manage, analyze, and deliver educational data from multiple sources. Using open data standards and other processing capabilities, Intellify streamlines the analytics process for institutions and companies in higher education and K-12. Intellify’s solutions serve fundamental and advanced analytics requirements to realize educational intelligence. For more information about Intellify Learning, visit

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