Intellify Learning and SmarterServices Partner to Enhance Analytics for Student Success

Growing Data Partner Ecosystem Opens New Possibilities for Higher Education

Boston, July 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Educational intelligence provider Intellify Learning and assessment applications provider SmarterServices™ announced today their data partnership to boost student retention and success initiatives. The companies are facilitating how higher education can leverage data from multiple applications to gain new perspectives on student performance and needs.

At the forefront of education data standards, Intellify Learning ( has added SmarterServices’ readiness assessment, SmarterMeasure™ Learning Readiness Indicator, to its ecosystem of data sources. Through Intellify’s cloud-based analytics solution Intellify Essentials, universities and colleges will be able to access and analyze data from The Learning Readiness Indicator and other sources such as the LMS and SIS with greater ease and timeliness. The combined view of a student’s learning readiness with his performance and activities creates valuable new insights for both educators and students.

“Student performance is top of mind for higher education. The ability to describe and explain the determining factors enables greater action,” said Gautam Parasnis, CEO of Intellify Learning. “We are pleased our partnership with SmarterServices opens additional non-cognitive dimensions for educational intelligence. From students to success coaches, understanding the real-time impact of learning styles as well as strengths and weakness on student engagement and performance is game-changing for retention and success.”

Dr. Mac Adkins, CEO & founder of SmarterServices said, “Based on data collected over 15 years from over 4 million students, we are confident that the non-cognitive factors we measure really matter. However, it is one thing to collect data and another to make it actionable. SmarterServices is excited about this partnership with Intellify because reporting the variables we collect through Intellify Essentials will enable shared clients to more efficiently make actionable meaning from our data.”

Intellify Learning will be demonstrating Intellify Essentials at InstructureCon 2017 in Keystone, CO on July 25-27, 2017. Stop by Intellify’s booth to learn more about why SmarterServices and other data partners are foundational to higher education. During the same week stop by SmarterServices’ booth at Blackboard World in New Orleans.

About Intellify Learning

Intellify Learning transforms data into insights and action that empower education. The company provides a range of scalable, cloud-based solutions to aggregate, manage, analyze, and deliver educational data from multiple sources. Using open data standards and other processing capabilities, Intellify streamlines the analytics process for institutions and companies in higher education and K-12. Our solutions are tailored to meet fundamental and advanced analytics requirements to realize educational intelligence. For more information about Intellify Learning, visit

About SmarterServices™

SmarterServices™ solves unmet market challenges facing learners, instructors, institutions and organizations by developing unique educational technology solutions that help improve a learner’s success in various learning environments. We provide SmarterAssessments – an assessment platform that delivers SmarterMeasure suite of readiness assessments and SmarterProctoring-technology platform that includes a management system, and proctoring tools. Since 2002, over 4.1 million learners from over 600 educational institutions and organizations have benefited from SmarterServices’ products. Learn more at

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